Peer Review

Articles submitted to the editorial board of the AJCSR will be reviewed by the vice chairman of the Board of editors to be adapted to the focus & scope of AJCSR and scanned with Plagiarism Checker X and Google Scholar programs to ensure there are no elements of plagiarism, or not exceeding 15 percent.

After the article corresponds to the scope of the journal and its plagiarism element is not more than 15 percent, the deputy chairman assigns the reviewer according to the field of science discussed in the article in the Double Blind Peer Review. The Double Blind Peer Review is a colleague's study method of a scientific work that will be published in a scientific periodical, which is the identity of the reviewer and author is hidden, so the reviewer doesn't know who the article is being studied and the author also doesn't know who is studying his article. This method is used to maintain the objectivity of the study results.

Each article will be studied by two reviewers, 1 internal study and 1 external study. If the two reviewers result in opposition then vice chairman of the editorial board will appoint the third reviewers.